Molten Aqua Glass


Claire lives on the outskirts of the lovely city of Norwich with her two boys, and our cat Boris. She is a self taught glass artist with a background in Hospital Pharmacy. All her glass is designed, cut and finished by hand in her home studio. 

A number of different techniques and processes are used to form the designs. 

All the specialist glass is hand cut and layered before being fired in the kiln for 12 hours plus cooling, so the glass spends approximately 18 hours in the kiln for each firing. It is heated through a series of ramps (rapid heating) and soaks (holding at specific temperatures) in order to melt and fuse the pieces together. This process also ensures the strength and stability of the glass. 

Some pieces are fired multiple times using differing firing schedules in order to achieve the desired depth of colour, texture and/or shape.


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