Shed Load Of Krafts


Ever since Becki was a child she was always picking up beach treasures while her brother and sister played in the sand... even now as a 32 year old she's still the one lagging behind because she's still looking out for that glass, shell, driftwood and the odd sea creature! 
Becki spends most weekends beach combing and couldn’t think of anything she'd love to do more. 
Although she lives in the country side she's very lucky to be a short car trip away from some of Kent’s most beautiful beaches and twice a year her and her family travel down to Cornwall where she collects loads of driftwood, sand and more beach glass than ever!
Shed load of Krafts was born in her bedroom as a teenager when she was starting my crafting journey making cards and scrapbooking family memories. 15 years on she found my calling in driftwood art. 

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