Artful Resin


Founded by husband and wife team, Tor and Tania Johansson, Artful Resin was born out of a desire to create stunningly beautiful works of art out of fine wood working processes. With Tor having over 20 years experience in the fine woodworking field and Tania having a strong creative design and writing background, Artful Resin has become a great success and we are highly passionate about designing one of a kind pieces of jewellery for our clients to wear and enjoy. 

Investing in our wood or resin jewellery is a great idea because the colours mix, match and work incredibly well together, alone as well as with any outfit in your wardrobe. Whether you dress it up or down, you can comfortably wear our resin or wood jewellery every day for a highly personalised look and proudly stand out from the crowd in a wonderful way.


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