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LA Mosaics

Lizzie is a self-taught mosaic artist and she's been making mosaics for the last 15 years. She live on the outskirts of Bristol, she has a love of wildlife and draw my inspiration from the local countryside. A favourite subject is native birds but have recently been experimenting with an alternative subject matter of mammals.  

Lizzie predominantly work with glass and loves the vibrant colours, probably her inner magpie at work. She tries to create flowing mosaics, which is a challenge as glass is so static and fixed. She starts with a rough idea of what she wants to create and then sketch it out. She uses large sheets of stained glass and cut each piece by hand. It’s an organic process and often changes as it progresses, with no defined structure. This can take weeks. Each piece is stuck down individually and when complete, the whole mosaic is grouted. The colour of the grout has a significant impact on the finished piece and can make or break it.