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Unique paper sculptures of wildlife creatures, designed, hand printed and handmade by Kaper.
Kate Kelly designs her sculptures armed with a ruler, protractor, a stash of paper and a series of doodles from her sketchbook. Her prototypes are covered in measurements and tape. Getting the maths right ensures the final design will be strong and sturdy. When she’s happy with the shape of her design; she hand prints the templates individually, giving each sculpture its own unique textures and colour palette. She uses recycled paper, eco-friendly inks and metallic powders. Once built, her sculptures are varnished to seal their edges and protect them from dust or sun damage. Each one of her sculptures is one of a kind. She names them after inspirational buddies, literary heroes or revolutionary genii she holds dear. Birds are her favourite source of inspiration because they are such characterful and happy creatures. They bound and hop and have splendid hairdos.