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Hilary Bravo

Hilary has been making and selling her jewellery for over twenty five years, during which time it has been found, sought and collected around the world. It has been for sale through The Independent Craft Gallery Association and Craft Council Selected Galleries in the U.K, The Guggenheim Museum shop in New York, Liberty in London and galleries and shops in Japan and Europe.

Many years ago she had a dream in which she was showing a portfolio of her paintings on paper to a gallery owner who surprised her by asking her she had ever thought to cut her work up and make it into jewellery.She hadn't and even though it was her own dream, she was taken aback. The next day however, she decided to try this idea and set about making her first collection which she sent to New York to The Guggenheim Museum where it was praised, accepted and sold. It sold very well indeed. Next she sent some to Liberty in London. They loved it too and so began her journey of making fragments of her paintings into jewellery. And she still absolutely loves making them, as once cut up there are worlds within worlds within each piece, each bringing back recollections, memories and new ideas.